Saturday, June 16, 2012

June Birchbox: Contents and Review

Here is my promised post and sorry it took so long! Work has been keeping me busy and I didn't have my normal day off yesterday (gotta make that money!).

So DUN DUN DUNN! Here is my June Birchbox! I will link all the products I got to Birchbox's website and the products' manufacturing website. This way you can read Birchbox member reviews and see the tutorials/videos they have on each product.

The Theme: Jetset

This month's box contained products that were seen as essentials for traveling. Several products were sampled and given to members this month, so there'a a huge variety in the products that everyone received. I can say, without a doubt, that I received one of the better boxes this month. This is solely due to the fact that I got a full sized product worth $36!! Remember, I only paid $10 for this box. Unfortunately, other boxes weren't so great for this month; however, it's like a cycle and I'm sure my box for next month won't be worth as much as this months. It was very satisfying that I got the full size item I wanted though!! I need to stop peeking at other people's birchbox before I get my own, but I'm just not that patient!

The Contents: 
Color: Beauty Queen (Sheer Berry Pink) - Full size is $17.00

This was a product that I was really looking forward to getting in my Birchbox this month, because I've heard great things about the Balm! I really want to win their Nude 'Tude Naughty Palette from their fb contest that they have everyday. Didn't know about this? Just 'like' their Facebook page and write a post on their wall saying which product you would like to win and draw a name every weekday. I hope to win one day!

Anyway, I like this product on my lips, because its a nice sheer color and nothing to dark. It also comes in Prom Queen (Light Pink Color) and Homecoming Queen (Nude/Peach Color) shades. I'll add it a picture of this lip/cheek stain on me in a few days. I have not yet applied it to the apples of my cheeks yet, so I can't review that aspect of the product. I'm also not sure how often I will wear it on my cheeks, but I'll let you guys know how I like it. It is not sticky at all in consistency, so I'm sure it will feel fine once its blended.

 #2. Birchbox Site: Stila's One Step Bronzing Serum
Stila's site: One Step Bronzing Serum
Full Size (received) is $36.00!

YAY!!!! Can't you tell I'm excited for this product?! Once I saw this beauty on the Birchbox June Sneakl Peek video that mentions all the products that are being sampled this month, I instantly wanted it! I don't have any liquid bronzers and this product is much different than your typical bronzing serum.

Birchbox definitely explains it best "The formula uses a trio of complementary pigments: coppery bronze adds warmth, pink-toned bronze evens out skin tone, and Kitten (one of stila’s best-loved shades) brightens and conceals with its soft shimmery champagne hues... In addition to sheer coverage, it delivers an anti-aging mineral complex that helps regulate oil production while shrinking the look of enlarged pores, fine lines, and wrinkles."

I love the shimmery look I get after applying this bronzer and it helps so much with evening my skin tone! I apply this after my Philosophy take a deep breath - oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer (that I received in my June Glam Bag) and my face doesn't get oily all day! I have combination skin and while my cheeks are dry, my T zone gets pretty oily midday. With these two products I am now oil/shine free!

#3. Birchbox Site: Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive
Comodynes' Site: Self-Tanning Intensive


I have not used these yet, but I am interested in using them. It is really nice that they gave us two wipes to be able to apply to more than just our face. These wipes take about 3 hours for the tan to fully show, but they are nice because you don't get that orange-fake-tan kind of look. This product actually blends well with your skin tone and brings out that warm, rich tan color. Well, that is what Birchbox says, anyway. I cannot yet say this is my own opinion, but will try this out soon. I'm trying to wait for an occasion that I would need to apply these. I am very "fair" in skin type but it doesn't bother me too much (I like to be able to pull off a ginger hair color).

Taylor Swift's Store: Wonderstruck Eau de Parfum Spray

So Taylor Swift is one of my guilty pleasures, but I can proudly announce that I love this fragrance! Its very light, flowery, and girly. I love, love, love it! I actually received a sample of this fragrance about two weeks ago when I got my NYX Jumbo Pencils (see post here). If I wanted to pay $49.50 for perfume, I'd definitely buy this. Sadly, I cannot afford to spend that, so its going on my birthday/Christmas list!

#5. (Extra) Birchbox Site: Luna Bar: Peanut Butter Cookie
Luna Bar's Site: Peanut Butter Cookie

Lastly, I got this mini Luna bar in Peanut Butter Cookie. It was scrumptious! My school sells Luna Bars so I am very familiar with them. I cannot remember having tried this particular flavor, but it was definitely a nice touch. This was added to the box as an essential to traveling, just in case that "snack craving" strikes mid-flight and you've already devoured your peanuts or pretzels. This comes in handy anytime you need a snack, in my opinion. Full size in a pack of 15 costs $18.75. This seems pretty steep, but individually my school was selling them for at least 2 bucks (they overcharge everything). So it would technically be cheaper to buy in bulk.  A 10 pack of minis (which is the size I received) costs $6.99. I think I'd go with the full size pack, but sometimes it can be hard to finish a full size bar (they can be very rich in taste depending on the flavor you choose).

Overall Verdict:

If you couldn't tell I definitely recommend Birchbox to anyone! Click that referral link, if you think you'd like to subscribe! Birchbox allows people to sample a wide range of products that they'd normally would either not have the time or opportunity to try out. I personally think its a great service. There may be glitches every now and then, but services like these are relatively new and might have problems along the way. I haven't had to deal with any issues like missing or damaged samples yet, but I'm sure I've read about it. Happens with Myglam sometimes too.

Let me know what you all think about this box. Did you receive a better or worse box? 

"Unboxing" Video:

I also made an "unboxing" video for my Birchbox items. I'm not sure how I feel about the video since it is my first time filming myself. I never realized how hard it is to stare into a camera. I don't know how tv hosts do it! The audio quality is also not high end, so it sounds like I have a small lisp. I did not rehearse before I started filming, so its not the greatest, but I don't think its terrible for a first timer. I'm not sure why I elongate so many of my words during the video, but maybe it was because I was so nervous. I'm posting it as a learning experience and to let everyone know about how awesome Birchbox is!

Thanks for stopping by! :)


  1. This was my first birchbox! I got the bronzer (yay!), the lip stain, the tili bag, cleanwell hand sanitizing wipes, and a sample of Juliette has a gun not a perfume. I really like the lip stain and I'm thinking of getting the full size! I like the sample perfume but I will probably not get it cause full size is 85-110$ (yikes!). I thought your video was good!

    1. Thanks Steph!

      Yay I'm glad you signed up for Birchbox and got the bronzer! :D Sounds like you got a great box too! How does your perfume smell? Yeah thats expensive..too bad they don't sample some more affordable fragrances.

      Lets hang out soon!

  2. ahh Will you do a review/swatches of the stila bronzer? hehe I think that would be awesome!! Still jealous of the full size!! lol

    hehe were you nervous in the video? I would be so jumpy and yelling with excitment while opening my box haha.. You were very composed =)

    1. Yes I definitely can! Yeah I was sooo happy when I found out that I was getting the full size!

      I was very nervous in the video! I had actually found out on accident prior to opening my box that I was getting the bronzer. You know you can click "box" on the birchbox website to review the items in your box? Well they updated it before I got my box in the mail. I guess I ruined the surprise but in a good way haha. I'm going to try really hard to not look at preview videos of other people's boxes until I do my own.

      I have done three videos now and am still really nervous, but I'm glad I looked composed! I don't try to rehearse beforehand because then I trip over my words even more than I do already. I am also mad that none of my products will focus if I try to hold them closer to the camera. I'm using a point and shoot and I guess the auto-focus feature does not work during a video..I'm not sure I'm still trying to figure that out.

      Thanks for checking out my post :D