Thursday, May 31, 2012

Date Night Look

This post is inspired by Myglam's Date Night/Wedding Night Look contest for a Philosophy Fragrance "Love Sweet Love" Set, I decided to try again at the smokey eye with green shades this time.

Look at those arches! Loving my e.l.f. Essential Eyebrow Collection :)

Closed eye: I think I got it pretty even.
My e.l.f. Studio 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection (now only $3.50 until 6/4/12). I used the colors on the left side fourth row. The one second from the top for my brow bone, 4th from the top for my inner eye color, 2nd from the bottom for my crease, outer corner and lower lash line color. I also mixed some of the color (4th from the bottom) to make the outer corner a little darker. The shades look a little more blue in this picture, but they're really green. I used one of the black shimmery shades to the right (cut out of the picture) to line the outer corners of my upper and lower lash line. Lastly, I used the lip gloss third from the bottom on the right side of this palette.
My go to mascara! Makes it much easier to just apply  mascara to my outer lashes. 
How do you guys like this look? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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"Natural Daylight Makeup Mirror in White and Chrome"
The Color Institute 32-Pc. Shades Of Royalty Eyeshadow Palette
Elle Cosmetics Eyeshadow
Flirt! Style Box Fairytale Makeup Set
Elle Cosmetics Makeup Contour Brush
"Pinky Cosmetic Set"
Klorane Wild Cornflower Waterproof Eye Make-up Remover

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New items: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

So I was watching a random tutorial on youtube and I saw that the woman was using NYX's Jumbo Eye Pencil as a primer on her lid, lower lash line, and waterline. I needed a white eye pencil for my waterline anyway so I figured I'd buy one. ULTA had a BOGO sale so I got the color Milk (White) and Pots and Pans (Silver). I saw that many people liked the silver color and I don't have any silver shadows, so I figured I'd have a use for it. They just came in the mail today and I'm excited to use them in the next few days!

Swatches of the pots and pans and milk, respectively.

I'll be updating this post with a review and some pictures of some different ways to use the jumbo pencils.

Along with this purchase I received three free samples! All of which I really love! 

Full size - $49.50

Full size - $45-82

Image from Sephora's site

Versace Bright Crystal Fragrance 
Full Size - $67

Thanks for reading!

I won Jenn Staz's Beauty Spoon Giveaway! :D

A big THANK YOU to Jenn Staz for hosting this awesome giveaway. I can't wait to receive my Beauty Spoon in the mail :)

If you haven't heard about the Beauty Spoon and want to check out Jenn's tutorial on it click here!
I will make a post once I receive the item and update it with a review once I run out of a product to actually use it with.

So excited for winning this amazing tool!

Everyday Look

I wanted to try out my new  e.l.f. Essential Eyebrow Collection and put together a look that I can wear during the day or on a date.

Closed eye view
The brow kit came with a lighter brown powder and a darker shade to outline the shape. I find that even though I wanted to find a red eyebrow pencil to match my hair, the brown works just fine. 
I don't think I can go without the cat eye look since I've started using it, because I really love how it looks and how it elongates my lashes. I've used the following colors from e.l.f.'s Studio Makeup Clutch Palette: a cream color to highlight my brow bone, a brown for my outer lid, and a golden shimmery color for the inner part of my lid. I used my e.l.f. cream eye liner in coffee to line my upper lash line, as well as my e.l.f. exact lash mascara

Should I apply more shadow? I use e.l.f.'s Mineral Eyeshadow Primer before applying my shadow, but I don't think it makes colors as vivid as some other primers I've seen out there on comparison blogs like "Too Faced Shadow Insurance", "Sobe Botanicals", "Detrivore", "Concrete", "UDPP Original" or "UDPP Sin" (credit to Phyrra). 
My friend just let me have her smaller container of Urban Decay's Eye Shadow Primer Potion :) I'm excited to see if that works better.
I still have not found a great angle or amount of lighting to show  the color well. This takes time I suppose. If anyone has any helpful tips, please leave a comment below! Maybe its just my crappy point and shoot camera....
Overall look. What do you guys think?
I have another look that I will be posting tomorrow. I think I've actually gotten the smokey eye down!  I've watched so many tutorials, by now I should be able to do it, right?

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Recent e.l.f. Haul!

I love my e.l.f. hauls!

So I really needed to buy a cleaner for my brushes and found two other great items while browsing e.l.f.'s site! The shipping was only 2.95, so I couldn't beat that.

My haul included:

1. e.l.f. Essential Eyebrow Collection:
  • 4 Reusable Stencils
  • Tweezers
  • Eyebrow Brush
  • Brow Setting Mascara
  • Eyebrow Gel & Powder
I wanted this set because I needed new tweezers, I wanted to start having a more defined shape to my eye brow, and the setting mascara will really help with my hairs that end up sticking every which way by the end of the day. My eye brows are somewhat thin in certain areas, so the gel and powder will help fill in those areas for a fuller look.

I really need to clean my brushes so I had to buy this. I saw some good reviews and I've had no problems thus far with any of my e.l.f. products. Hopefully it does its job!

I have soo much trouble keeping my lip color so I needed a primer. Unfortunately, my lips aren't very full and since this was a combo, I figured I'd try it out. The primer has helped a ton with making my color last. Because it is so creamy in color, it helps lighten some of my darker lipsticks, so I can wear my Studio Gear Complete Color Lipstick in Cinnabar and it isn't so dark. I have a few deep reds as well that I have been able to lighten up. 

I am very pleased, once again, with my purchase from e.l.f. I really recommend their products! :)

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Oh purple, how I love thee. Orange..not so much.

So here is a look that I've tried and I think really works. In a previous post I was informed that orange is the color I should really try to wear to make my eyes pop, but I felt like my hair, which is copper gold, does that enough for my eyes for now and I can wear other colors that compliment me. I will post a picture where I am wearing orange, but I don't think I like it too much. Maybe I need to pair it with another color. I'm not sure.

(The purple eye shadow is from e.l.f.'s Studio 32-Piece Eyeshadow Palette - I really love this Spring palette! The cream eye liner is also from e.l.f. and I am wearing my Fresh - Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 )
I think the purple works well and even if it doesn't bring out my eyes entirely, it still compliments my skin.

The look I "should" wear more often..

Orange shadow (also from e.l.f.'s Studio 32-Piece Eyeshadow Palette)

Maybe I need to add more eye liner or something to define my eyes. I feel like I look dead without some kind of liner. I also didn't have any lip color on at this time, which might have helped. I was going to the beach, but thought I'd wear a little makeup. I also never leave the house without putting on my Dr. Jart + - Waterfuse BB Cream or my e.l.f. Mineral Concealer, Foundation, and Blush (all SPF 15).
What do you all think?

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Just Plain Delirious' Favourite's Giveaway

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Just Plain Delirious Giveaway

To show her appreciation to all of her followers, Just Plain Delirious is hosting a giveaway of her favorite products.

1st Prize will be her essentials favourite set which includes:
  • Sigma Sigmax Brush Set of 2 - F84 & F82 Brushes
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  • Lush R&B Hair Moisturiser
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  • Puretopic (Organic) Hand Cream
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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pointless Cafe's 1000 Follower Giveaway!

I came across this giveaway today and thought it was worth sharing! Pointless Cafe is hosting a giveaway after hitting 1000 followers! Click here to enter the giveaway!


Prize #1:

"The lucky winner of this one will get to choose one of five sets of Lippy/Polish Duos. Once they've been notified and chosen which set they would like, butter LONDON will be notified and will send directly to the winner."

Prize #2:

"The SECOND PRIZE winner will receive this brand new Lynnderella Connect the Dots!"

Prize #3:

"The THIRD PRIZE winner will receive the Limited Edition Zoya Peter Som Trio, which contains Evvie, Audrey and Katherine!"

Friday, May 25, 2012

Blog Recommendation: The Beauty Department

I really find this The Beauty Department helpful in giving great makeup tips and ideas to help me branch out of my not-so-existent makeup routine/style. I'm trying to learn a lot more about makeup, what "looks" could be good on me and what I should try to avoid, and products that I can trust and work well for my skin type. I have found some inspiring ideas for new looks and ways to bring out my best features.

Some ideas that I want to try out as soon as I get the proper products:

I like to wear neutral/natural colors most of the time to stay in my comfort zone. I strive to find makeup ideas that I can use when I don't want to look like I have a ton of make up on. I've been told that I look great without makeup, so I try to keep it simple. I think matte contouring is a great way to bring out your eyes without the flair.

This post talks a lot about how the lighter the color you go on your waterline the more it opens up your eye, but also makes a point that if you want your eyes to be piercing, go with black. I have not tried anything other that no color or black (which technically would be nude and black, but I think they actually put on a "nude" liner in the photo). 

I'd like to see how the white looks, but I don't think I've found a liner that stays on my water line in white. Any suggestions?

Some helpful tips I found while browsing The Beauty Department:

1. Shadow Focus: Blue-eyed Beautiful

We learn by the color wheel is that the color directly across from your eye color is what compliments it most. For me that would be a shade of orange, salmon, and possibly the rust color. The site says that by using orange my eyes "will really pop!" I will make a post in the future to try this out. I don't think I have really used orange standalone, but hey, I'm adventurous! 

2. Pairing your makeup with your jewelry!

"Accessories are the perfect way to further your form of expression and can really make an outfit come alive. And jewelry is another amazing source of inspiration for your makeup and can be tied together the same way you’d match a red shoe with a red bag or clash a lace top with spiked earrings." - The Beauty Department

As I am trying to be more fashion forward, I found this post to be very helpful! I never thought about matching your makeup to your earrings, rings, or necklaces before. Read the post to find out more! Definitely will post a look inspired by this blog post in the near future!

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Enter to win Drastic Plastic's Sheinside Giveaway!

Drastic Plastic is hosting an international giveaway by Sheinside for one of five amazing dresses!

Click here to see her blog and enter her giveaway!

Good luck everyone!

OMG, I actually won Birchbox's Hair Concerns blog contest!

I AM SO EXCITED! I did not think I would actually win a blog contest ever, but hey, I DID! :)

You can read it here: Birchbloggers Share Their Haircare Concerns! It links you to my original post which can also be found by clicking here.

Thank you again, Birchbox and Ojon! I will definitely be updating again when I receive the products in the mail and when I do a review on them!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Extended Cat Eye/Winged Look

So, last night I felt like trying out an extended version of the cat eye/winged look. In an earlier post I asked if I should extend my eye liner to the inner corner of my eye. In the pictures below, I have extended my top and bottom lid; however, I think its too dark for my eyes so I should only do the top lid next time. 


Open: (Excuse the funny face)

Maybe if I used brown or ash grey it would have been okay..hmm. The purple and pink eye shadow and the lip gloss are from e.l.f.'s Studio 83 Piece Essential Makeup Collection. The mascara and creme eye liner are also from e.l.f.

Here are two other shots. One is dark, but at least my face is semi normal haha


What do you guys think?

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Cat Eye/Winged Look - Suggestions Wanted

I am still working this whole Cat Eye/Winged look that has become pretty popular. I was wondering if I should  have my liner extend to the inner corner of my eye or leave it as is (in the photo below)? My eyes are pretty light and I try to avoid using too much liner. I try to curl my lashes too, but they aren't super long. I'm trying to win some falsies and I might go buy some soon. Any recommendations?

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Sigma Makeup Monthly Giveaway May 2012

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Friday, May 18, 2012

750 Follower Appreciation Giveaway!!! by Dragon Lady Nails

To show her appreciate to her followers, Dragon Lady Nails is giving away China Glaze Nail Polish.

I am hosting her rafflecopter as well!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

1500 Follower Giveaway - China Glaze On Safari Collection

Glam Polish is having a giveaway due to getting 1500 followers. She will be giving away six different colors from the new Safari Collection. Check out her amazing Giveaway!!

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Hair Concerns: Birchbox Blog Contest

Hey everyone!
Birchbox is having contest to win Ojon hair products and since I have yet to make a post about my hair or hair products that I love, this is perfect timing! 
          When I was younger my hair used to be frizzy, have a ton of flyaways, and was very dry. This was mostly due to box dying my hair. Since the end of high school I have never went back to box dye, because I never want my hair to go back to what it was. 
Here is an example of my hair from high school, which you can tell looks damaged.

          Every time I  dye my hair now, I always make sure to do a deep conditioning treatment at the salon, or some kind of repair. This step has helped immensely to repair the damage of processing my hair multiple times in one sitting. Because I have color treated and wavy hair, I used to use both Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner and Redken Body Full Shampoo and Conditioner. Recently, after visiting an Italian salon and dying my hair Copper Gold, I picked up Semi di lino Diamonte Color Protection Shampoo and Conditioner since I ran out of my Redken. My hair feels and smells fabulous after using this product. It is a bit pricey, but it was definitely worth it!
This is my hair now. I'd say it looks pretty darn healthy.
          My biggest concern, besides maintaining my color, is static electricity! It is my worst enemy and usually occurs after blow drying or straightening my hair. This happens mostly in the winter, when static electricity is thriving, but it still has yet to go away and it's spring already! I need suggestions of what types of products are out there to help control static electricity while not making your hair feel oily. Hair spray used to help when I was younger; however, I do not currently use hair spray, because I have not found one that is light/non sticky. Although, from Birchbox's "Gossip Girl Waves" video, the stylist mentions a hair spray she uses that does not feel sticky, so I might try that out.
This is what my hair looks like, especially after I straighten it. Okay, I might be dramatizing it slightly.
          Just for your reference, the following products by Ojon are on Birchbox and I have included links. Some lucky individuals received samples of some of the products in their May Birchbox. Sadly, I was not one of them, but this might be my chance :D

Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment

Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Shampoo

Ojon damage reverse™ Restorative Conditioner

Ojon damage reverse™ Instant Restorative Hair Serum

Thanks for reading!

A Must-Have Beauty Tool Giveaway: Beauty Spoons!

Enter Jenn Staz's Beauty Spoon Giveaway Here!

I think this tool is such an amazing idea. It helps to get out foundation, lotion, or any other beauty product that comes in containers where it may be hard to scrape out the last of the product.

Watch her video as well, because she describes the product very well.

Two Staple Looks.

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to post two of my staple looks. Until recently I have not really used a lot of makeup, either because I was too lazy or did not have the time in the morning to spend on applying makeup ( a girl needs her beauty sleep, am I right?). 

I really love my new Studio Gear Lipstick in Cinnabar. Many people thought it was too dark, however I just use a small portion and it goes well with my hair color. If my bangs weren't in the way you could see my winged look usually using e.l.f.'s blue, black, brown, or ash liquid eyeliner.

My second staple look mostly consists of neutral colors to my lid from the Two Faced Natural/Neutral Eyeshadow Collection, e.l.f.'s brown cream or liquid eyeliner, blue (midnight) liquid eyeliner, or I will just use eye shadow and a liner brush. Finally, I'll add a bright color, white or gold to my inner eye. I still am learning how to do the smokey eye look and have not quite got it down. The lip gloss shown is from Sephora, from their Super Shimmer collection. The color is not shown on their site, but the color linked is pretty close.

Thanks for stopping by! :)