Thursday, June 19, 2014

Received another amazing voxbox from Influenster! Victoria's Secret Sport Bra Review.

Hey guys!

So excited that I got a FREE Angel by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra from Influenster this month! It also came with a sweet pack of Victoria's Secret Sport Socks, a total value of about $80 bucks (49.99 for the bra + 29.99 for the socks).

Before I begin the review, I just want to mention that I told Influenster my bra size before getting the bra and it fit well. I did not have to go into the store to get another size. The box also came with a certificate for 25% off another sports bra, but it expired June 9th, the day I got the bra, so I didn't have a chance to get in that day. 


First, I love the color. Second, I love how comfortable it is. Third, I love that I got it for free because it's pretty expensive for a sports bra (but I can be cheap). Although, I can't be too cheap since I only by my regular bras from VS, because I've always gotten good quality products from them. I suppose this bra is worth paying extra for. 

As a #VSSportTester I have had the privilege of trying this sport bra out at my gym, Anytime Fitness, for a couple of weeks. I have even worn this to work so I didn't have to change into it before I went to the gym. It does have under-wire, which some people did not like, but it does not bother me. I didn't feel uncomfortable or even notice the wire while working out.

The only con to this bra is there is no adjustable straps, which is common in many sport bras. The straps cross in the back and were a little tight, but nothing too constricting, I just noticed some lines after removing the bra. Even with this slight con, I can confidently say that I have said "Good-bye!" to my old sport bra #SportBraBreakup 

I also love this bra for another, more conceited reason. It does not squish my chest down and is breathable, unlike other sport bras I've had in the past! I hated other sport bras because they were so constricting to keep my bosoms from moving around that they made them appear smaller, which is not the case with this new Angel by Victoria's Secret Sport Bra. 

Go and check it out for yourselves! The semi-annual sale is going on until June 23rd! There are several different designs as well.

I also do really like the VS Sport Socks, from the VS Sport line, which were very breathable and were in cute neon colors (sometimes I'm girly). I also like that they are ankle cut which are perfect for working out, in my opinion!

This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria's Secret products to test and review as part of a contest. This post also contains a personal invite link to Influenster should you like to join the program.

I know you're now like "where can I sign up for this amazing program??!" You can click my personal invite LINK to sign up for the program. Its completely free and all you have to do is review amazing products! Sounds great, right?

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Finally getting my IPSY subscription back!


Having a steady paycheck again feels great and I've missed IPSY so much. I can start doing my reviews again as well :)

Here's a link if you haven't heard about IPSY (previously MY GLAM) . You get a special gift from them if you join using my link. They've also started a point system now where you can add more products to your monthly bag.

They send 5-7 beauty products a month for only $10. Its a great deal, especially if you just want to try a certain product but don't want to pay full price for it.

I'll let you guys know when I get my June bag!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Colgate Optic White

Influenster sent me the new Colgate Optic White toothbrush and paste

Its been almost two weeks since Influenster sent me some new products to try. Its pretty easy: you just brush, whiten, and go [just like the logo says]. I was weary using a teeth whitener, because I don't know the long term affects. I think the tooth paste also helped a lot. I have some before and after photos. I still have more of the whitener left in the brush that seems like it will last awhile. I just use one click per brushing.

At first it was really weird feeling and I didn't want to swallow because I was worried about ingesting the whitener. After the 3rd or 4th time I forgot about it. Hopefully I'll continue to see more results over time.


After: (Week and a half)


I don't think the difference is huge, but I can tell some. Over time I think it will be more clear. Will post some follow up pictures later.

I am always willing to try new products, so I'm thankful to Influenster for letting me for free!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles

Hey guys!

Just writing a review on the Dr. Scholl's Active Series Insoles I got complimentary in my Influenster Active Series VoxBox! I love Influenster :) They let you review products for free!

These are my running shoes with the inserts in them. They are very easy to fit into your own pair of tennis shoes. You just line up the insoles to your shoes with the the active series insoles and cut to make them match. 

If my feet could smile they would! The gel is so comfy and really helped my knees feel better when I walk in these. I would definitely recommend these. 

The Dr. Scholl's site describes these insoles really accurately:

"During athletic activity, the foot is subject to the shock from impact of 2-3 times your body weight with every step. Dr. Scholl's® Active Series® Insoles reduce shock by 40% and, for those with shin splints, runner's knee and plantar fasciitis, helps relieve and prevent the pain."

Again I got these complimentary from Influenster! This post contains link to both Influenster and Dr. Scholl's websites. 

Monday, September 30, 2013

L’Oréal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Makeup

Hey Guys!

It has been awhile since I've done a product review, but I was offered a complimentary bottle of  L’Oréal Paris Magic Nude Liquid Powder Makeup by SheSpeaks/  L’Oréal Paris so I jumped on that deal!

"This revolutionary liquid-powder formula glides on and transforms on contact to a fresh, powder-like finish for a look that’s flawless,yet undetectable. The lightweight foundation with SPF 18 will make you feel like you aren’t wearing makeup at all! 

To apply: Shake well. For best results, pour just a few drops onto fingers and apply directly onto skin. Not recommended for use with a sponge or brush.

L’Oréal Paris Magic Nude retails for approximately $12.95 for 1 fl oz. It is available in 12 shades and is available at mass food and drug retailers nationwide." (


I am very familiar with L'Oréal Paris' Magic BB Cream in Light so I was excited to try this foundation. It is sort of a similar product in texture and application. The directions say you can apply directly with your fingertips, but I chose to use a foundation and stipple brush (even though it doesn't recommend it..why? I have no idea). I did use my fingers to blend my eye lids. The first time I applied this product I poured too much onto the top of my hand, because the product came out so fast. That is the only downside to the bottle, since its glass. I'm not sure how many of you all apply your liquid foundations, but I just find it easy to pour it on the top of my hand first. 

The color I applied was Classic Ivory (312). The liquid does have a powdery finish like it promises. In the direct sunlight I felt like I could see all the tiny blond hairs on my face after application, but indoors that was not the case. This product blended very well. I got even coverage and it help hid my acne scars/dark spots. I love that it has SPF 18 and doesn't make my face feel or look oily. I tend to get an oily forehead, eye lids, and nose, but this product helps reduce the appearance of oil. 

** I couldn't tell the difference by applying it with my hands or with a brush. I like to keep my hands clean so I'm going to stick with applying this product with a brush, but feel free to use as recommended.

Again, I received this product for free by SheSpeaks/L'Oréal Paris.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Birchbox September

I heard that this month's box wouldn't be very good, since not many new products come out in September.....Some of the products were okay. I was really excited about trying out Jouer's Matte Moisture Tint but it came in the tiniest sample ever! What a bummer...I'll get like two uses out of it maybe. It was smaller than the JB Dart BB cream tube that I got back in May. I also think that I am missing a packet of the nail polish remover...I only got one and the picture shows two. I'm going to watch some videos to confirm before I email them.

Image directly from

I'll take pictures soon and post them. I also got an email from Birchbox inviting me to be an affiliate so I could get moneys for putting links up on my blog. Unfortunately, because I live in Illinois there is some tax put into place and so I can't be a part of it. Another bummer! Oh well, I guess I don't have much time for blogging anyway. School is still pretty demanding, but at least I will no longer be working on the weekends after this coming weekend! YAY! :D

Sucks because I'll be losing out on money, but I'll make it...hopefully!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Sorry for disappearing!

Hey guys!

So I definitely went off the radar there for a little while. Working everyday and now that school has started, I have been extremely busy. I have so many things to post about. I just one Influenster's Sally Hansen brand challenge! Yayy! So I get a free Sally Hanson Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips. Anyone ever tried those? I haven't before and it sounds like I need to grow out my nails! 

Here's what a box looks like from the website: 

Hopefully they fit. I have super small nail beds and things like this don't tend to fit me.