Monday, June 25, 2012

Check out Sneakpeeq!

Hey there!

If you haven't heard of Sneekpeeq its a site that features some unique boutiques that you can browse, like their Facebook page, and purchase items at a discount. First you take a quiz so they can determine which boutiques you would like best. You don't initially see the prices of the items, but you can "peek" at them and see your discount. You get 20 "peeks" a day.

They have had several different start up gifts during the past few weeks. I joined and was able to get this Dazzling Gems summer cocktail ring. These retail for $37. I definitely would not pay that much, so I was happy to get it for free! Right now for just checking out the site you can get Hearts of Beauty earrings for free, which are a $49 value!

I received my ring with a "lucky gemstone" in orange which represents Joy. They send you a surprise ring, so you don't know the color, size, or material. I was worried that when I got the ring in the mail that it wouldn't fit, but luckily it did! I guess it really was lucky.

I read that some people's fingers turned green after wearing the ring, but thankfully mine hasn't yet. The quality doesn't appear to be very good, but hey it was free. I think its a cute ring and I really like wearing it. Its similar to something I would purchase on my own (maybe in a better quality, though).

I think there are some really great boutiques on the site though and I would recommend checking them out! I really love the vendors that sell purses, home decor, and makeup. If I had more money I'd totally buy from them. The discounts that you get sometimes are mind blowing! You can also earn badges where you get free shipping from some of the vendors or 10-20% off your purchases. These expire however, so you have to use them pretty quickly.

Here is my referral link if you are interested. You get $10 when you join and free shipping on the item they feature for free.

"Get $10 when you sign up for sneakpeeq - Discover emerging designers, artists and food makers! "

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