Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Myglam has really stepped up for June!

 On Monday, I got my little pink bag in the mail and I was anxious to open it!

I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing Myglam's Glam Bag turned out for the month of June. This is only my second month with Myglam and have heard so many mixed reviews on their service. For those of you who haven't heard of Myglam before, it is a monthly (or yearly if you prefer) subscription service for only $10 a month (or $110 for the year and one free month). So what comes in a Glam Bag you ask? A variety of great products! For example, a bag can include 4-5 samples (some full size!) of either lip products, skin care products, hair care products, nail polishes or nail art, eye make up, etc. They've even given out their own brush set previously (for purchase on their pop-up shop).

So I know you are dying to know what was in my bag this month, right?

The bag's theme was "Out All Night" and the products are some essentials that you will need to keep your look long lasting.

The bag itself:

Usually the products come in a makeup bag with various designs, but this month came in an awesome gold glitter clutch. So cute! There was a slight smell to the bag, however I just sprayed mine with body mist to get rid of the smell. Other suggestions included putting the bag in the freezer. Something happened with the manufacturing of the bag and the glue that was used. Easy fix, though!

#1. Philosophy: take a deep breath - oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer
           "This lightweight moisturizer detoxifies and helps protect for a healthy-looking glow"

I really love this product because it gives your skin a refresher! You apply it in the morning and/or evening after your cleanser and it really helps keep your skin feeling good! My face hasn't gotten oily midday since I've started using this product. The nice thing is that the sample size is large enough for multiple uses and you don't have to use a lot of the product. It's so light that it hardly feels like I have anything on.

My sample was 12 mL/.4 fl oz. This product full size is 2 fl oz for $34. I'm not sure if I could afford this, but I definitely won't forget this product for when I actually have money!

#2. NYX: Round Lipstick in Iced Honey
          "Incredible color that resists wear and smudging, let your lipstick last all night with an amazing velvety smooth, mineral formula"

At first I really loved the color without trying it on and I was stoked about getting a NYX lipstick. Once I actually tried it on, I was disappointed in how much it showed where I bite my lips. I did figure out a way to make it work though! If I use a lip balm before I apply this product it really helps to smooth out my lips or if I use a lip gloss after that helps a lot too. I need to exfoliate my lips, badly! I've been trying to get e.l.f.'s exfoliating lip treatment, but its out of stock currently. I'm not sure how well it actually stays on over time. I haven't worn this lip color enough to really confirm that it can last all night. I definitely think it can be smudged, though. I got a full size in my bag which is worth $4.00.

View from the top.
I really like this rosy color.
Here is the color on my lips (plus my Fresh Rose Tinted Lip Treatment).
#3. Living Proof: frizz Nourishing Styling Cream
           "Stops frizz in its tracks, keeping all styles frizz-free, soft and smooth. Living Proof's miracle molecule, OFPMA, conquers frizz by blocking humidity without silicone or heavy oils"

Boy do I love and need this product! I have flyaways and frizz that need taming. This product is light enough not to make my hair look oily, which is a problem I have with most hair products. I've only used it once, but I could definitely see a change. I'll try to use it today and post a picture soon.

My sample was 60 mL/ 2 fl oz. Full size is 4 oz for $26. Which isn't too bad. Plus Myglam gives you a coupon for the whole set for $35! Which I might actually buy, since its an great deal.

#4. Marbella: Permanent Eyeliner Pen in Black
           "Master the art of beautiful eyes with this unique waterproof, smudge free, and long lasting semi-permanent eyeliner pen"

This eyeliner is amazing! It is in fact waterproof, smudge free and semi-permanent. I tried rubbing it off my hand after I swatched it and it was hard to get off! Using soap and water or olive oil will also do the trick, but it came off using my face cleanser too. This liner is easy to apply and goes on smoothly. This eyeliner also has a duo-tip feature, so if one end starts getting dried out you can reverse the tip and use it like new. I also really love this product because I tend to rub my eyes and forget I'm wearing makeup so I smudge my eye liner often. It can be so frustrating, but now I don't have to worry about it! It also came full size which is worth $19!!
Here is a thin and thick line with this liner.
This is after I tried to get the liner off of my hand and its still  there. Can you see how its a little red from rubbing so hard? I saw other comments on Myglam's wall of members saying their liner is not waterproof. I guess I got a good one!
Here I have on the Marbella eye liner and the  NYX lipstick.
Overall Verdict:

This bag was totally worth $10!! I highly recommend Myglam to anyone. This service is great for those of you who don't have time to shop for makeup, who don't know what works well with your skin/hair type, or those of you looking for products you normally wouldn't shop for.


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