Tuesday, June 5, 2012

"6 Ways To Make Blue Eyes Pop" via The Beauty Department

This is a follow up post to one written previously about The Beauty Department.

A few weeks ago The Beauty Department completed their "shadow focus: eye color" theme, by focusing on blue eyes which they had not yet covered. They had only posted a color wheel, describing that since orange is directly across from blue those shades would make blue eyes come to life, and used an example photo of Jessica Pare. They have finally followed up that post with 6 great tips and example photos, due to an overwhelming amount of emails asking them to post more than one shade! You can find this post here

This picture is directly from The Beauty Department's post.
The post mentions that Copper is one of the best colors that compliments blue eyes. This made me extremely happy, since that is the color I dyed my hair! Now I know why I've been getting more and more compliments on my eyes :D

The next tip they gave was to smudge your liner and not focus too much on having a straight, defined line. They recommend Stila's Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner. I might have to try that! I tend to try to be a perfectionist with the liquid eye liner, but smudging seems like the way to go.

They also say that peach, apricot, champagne or gold family colors really work well, too. I wish they would have mentioned this instead of the orange! I fees as though those colors differ greatly. I will definitely take this tip into consideration and branch out to more colors.

Another of my favorite tips that they include is the classic wing, which I do all the time! They recommend black brown eye liner, which I try to utilize. They also say that bronze/brown shades work well to bring out blue eyes. I tend to use a lot of brown just because I like neutral colors. I guess I didn't lack too much of a makeup sense after all!

The last tip on the post talks about winged shadow (including the waterline) and a nude lip for balance. I have found that if you don't fill in the water line the look is just not complete. I still am looking for nude shades of lipstick/gloss. Hopefully I get one soon in my June Glambag, Birchbox, or Look Bag.

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  1. There are so many new and good ideas on The Beauty Department, really nice :).

    1. Yeah I agree! Do you recommend any other similar sites?