Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Prizes I won for A Diva's Prerogative's Spring Mega Beauty Giveaway.

So this is the second giveaway I've won through blogger contests. I won a previous goodie bag of makeup through Facebook Givaways, but that was weeks ago and still never received anything. So I don't think I'm getting that one. Oh well, because this giveaway's prizes were awesome!

Prize Contents: 

I am most excited to try the lashes since I haven't used any falsies before. It will definitely take some time to get used to applying them, and probably wearing them since they will feel heavier than my normal eye lashes. 

I have tried the Almay Intense i-color/smoky kit already, along with the mascara. I love them! I used them in my previous post for the myglam spring look contest. I also have been using the blush everyday. I had never used a cream blush before I got this product, but I really like it. It goes on smoothly and the color is great! Its a nice nude-ish shade.

I still need to watch some youtube videos before I try out the lip tattoos. I'm not sure how I feel about them yet, but I'm willing to try them out. I'm sure they aren't that permanent...Should be cute because it says "love" on it and the red will look nice. There are tutorials on the site as well, which is super convenient. 

Many thanks to Patricia for hosting this giveaway!! If you wanna check out Patricia's blog and view her other giveaways click here. She does a lot of reviews from products she received from Influencer, which I'm in the process of joining. Waiting for a box opening...


  1. Thanks for the mention Heather! Glad you enjoyed your goodies! xoxo

    1. No problem! I bought more of the false lashes because they were on sale..love em! Will be getting more milani colors soon too :D