Friday, May 25, 2012

Blog Recommendation: The Beauty Department

I really find this The Beauty Department helpful in giving great makeup tips and ideas to help me branch out of my not-so-existent makeup routine/style. I'm trying to learn a lot more about makeup, what "looks" could be good on me and what I should try to avoid, and products that I can trust and work well for my skin type. I have found some inspiring ideas for new looks and ways to bring out my best features.

Some ideas that I want to try out as soon as I get the proper products:

I like to wear neutral/natural colors most of the time to stay in my comfort zone. I strive to find makeup ideas that I can use when I don't want to look like I have a ton of make up on. I've been told that I look great without makeup, so I try to keep it simple. I think matte contouring is a great way to bring out your eyes without the flair.

This post talks a lot about how the lighter the color you go on your waterline the more it opens up your eye, but also makes a point that if you want your eyes to be piercing, go with black. I have not tried anything other that no color or black (which technically would be nude and black, but I think they actually put on a "nude" liner in the photo). 

I'd like to see how the white looks, but I don't think I've found a liner that stays on my water line in white. Any suggestions?

Some helpful tips I found while browsing The Beauty Department:

1. Shadow Focus: Blue-eyed Beautiful

We learn by the color wheel is that the color directly across from your eye color is what compliments it most. For me that would be a shade of orange, salmon, and possibly the rust color. The site says that by using orange my eyes "will really pop!" I will make a post in the future to try this out. I don't think I have really used orange standalone, but hey, I'm adventurous! 

2. Pairing your makeup with your jewelry!

"Accessories are the perfect way to further your form of expression and can really make an outfit come alive. And jewelry is another amazing source of inspiration for your makeup and can be tied together the same way you’d match a red shoe with a red bag or clash a lace top with spiked earrings." - The Beauty Department

As I am trying to be more fashion forward, I found this post to be very helpful! I never thought about matching your makeup to your earrings, rings, or necklaces before. Read the post to find out more! Definitely will post a look inspired by this blog post in the near future!

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