Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mae Minerals is changing their name and their mission: Giveaway for a great cause.

Mae Minerals, a company that makes mineral makeup as well as provides a monthly subscription service. I haven't tried their products yet, but I've been trying to win some of their giveaways to try them.

This image is directly from Mae Mineral's site.
Their service includes three levels (eco-beauty: $8/mo, sprout: $10/mo, and garden: $20/mo):
  • Each level includes brand-new & limited edition products from Mae Minerals like:
    • Mineral Makeup (Foundation, Blush, Eye Shadow, Bronzer, etc.)
    • Skin Care (Face, Body, Special Needs)
    • Lip Gloss/Lip Stain
    • Mascara/Eyeliner
    • Brushes/Accessories

They are changing their name and their mission statement. Their new site will launch tomorrow! Here's some more information directly from their site.

"For every cosmetic purchased, we will donate one to a woman in need. You buy one, we give one.

We are working directly with women's shelters to provide makeovers, beauty tips, education about safe cosmetics and most importantly to get the women's wish lists of the shades and products they would like. For every item purchased, we'll donate an item from a wish list. We've set a goal: help 7,400 women by the end of 2012.

We will also be launching an affiliate program were you will be able to earn a commission on all sales you refer using a special link. Affiliates will also have the option of applying to be a volunteer ambassador and help her local shelters get set up with our program."

I think its great that they are empowering women in shelters by providing them with cosmetics. Normally shelters only provide the essentials to survive, and they don't consider makeup one of them. This company is so kind and thoughtful!

They are also having a giveaway! "For every prize won, we'll donate one. Second, the more entries we receive, the more prizes we'll give away! We're starting out with 10 prizes packs that include an eye shadow & lip gloss. Once we reach 2,000 entries, we'll add 10 more prize packs. And for every 2,000 entries after that we'll add another 10 prize packs."

Sounds pretty awesome, yeah? Enter here! Good luck!

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