Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Glam Bag Review! - Sorry this is late!

The good thing about posting so late about the products in my July 2012 Glam Bag is that I've actually had time to use the products and have formed more accurate opinions about the products I received. If you also received the bag and got different results from these products then I did, please let me know!

Here is my initial Video:


I love the facial lotion, the makeup remover wipes, the lip/cheek stain, and the nail polish! I have yet to use the conditioner.

The lotion is similar to Philosophy's Take a deep breath moisturizer. It doesn't smell as good, but works in a similar way. It leaves my skin feeling clean and oil free. 

The wipes are amazing! Very comparable to e.l.f.'s makeup remover wipes that I love. I feel like I am less fearful of using these wipes around my eyes than e.l.f.'s. There is no burning or tingling sensation with using these wipes and the results are great! They are a good size where I don't feel like I am wasting any product. I will definitely purchase these when I run out (which is very soon!).

My lip/cheek stain in Tango unfortunately dried up in about two uses, but thankfully Myglam is amazing and sent me a replacement! I got the new product in Jitterbug and I fell in love! I am really digging these lip and cheek stains. They are so convenient! This product is exactly like how it is described, just like a marker (notice how I said like a highlighter in the video). 

I did love the nail polish, but it seemed to peel off easily. Looking for another top coat where I don't have to worry about this problem. Any suggestions?

I will post pictures soon! Sorry for the delay. I seriously don't have a day its hard to find time to blog! :(

Thanks for stopping by!!

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