Thursday, July 5, 2012

Le Edge Exfoliation Tool

Hey everyone!

A few weeks ago I won this exfoliation tool from a giveaway. I've gotten to use it for about two weeks now and my skin feels smoother. I'm not how much it makes my skin look younger since I'm still pretty young. But I do like knowing that dirt, oil, and my dead skin cells are being removed!


I like that it has a nice non-slip grip and is easy to use. The metal "blade" isn't sharp or anything, it doesn't hurt if you put a lot of pressure on your skin, and its great that its hygienic! I was worried about rust since it's in my shower all the time.
I like to use it before I shave, because it evens out your skin surface. Its nice for men too because it helps lift ingrown hairs before shaving.

I'd definitely recommend it to anyone. I didn't normally exfoliate before. Sometimes I'll use a shower gel that has the exfoliating beads in them,  but I don't feel like those actually do anything. This tool shows you that you are removing dead skin cells, so you know its working.

I also like using it to remove my daily facial cleanser, because I can see the dirt and makeup residue that it is removing. I also think it is helping soften the skin on my elbows.

Do you own one of these? How do you like this product? Check out the website to find out more about this awesome product!

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