Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 2012 Birchbox: Glamour's Five Senses of Summer

Woohooo! I got my Birchbox early and I'm sooo pleased with it! I filmed another unboxing video. Again, I appoligize for the traffic noises, living on a busy street sucks especially when the living room is the only one with enough natural lighting to film. The video really captures my impression of the box and my first impression of how I feel about the products. Please let me know which products you would like to see a full review for :)

Apparently there are 31 variations of this month's box (crazyyy). View them all on Zadidoll's site.


Theme: Glamour's Five Senses of Summer


#1 [Touch] Alterna - BAMBOO UV+ Color Protection Fade-Proof Fluide

      "This finishing gloss prevents UV rays from fading color while organic bamboo extracts keep hair strong and soft." 

- Full size (2.5 fl oz) retails for $24

I can't wait to try out this product. I don't know if I should wait until I color my hair again to actually see if the color lasts longer...

# 2 [Sight] Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner in black

     "Direct from London, these punchy color liners feature a pen-style applicator that's truly goofproof."
- Full Size .07 oz retails for $15

Other people got different colors such as purple, turquoise, and olive. Would definitely love to have gotten any of those colors. I swatched this liner on my hand in the video. Its very similar to my marbella semi permanent eyeliner except that it actually goes on black and doesn't stain my skin when I wiped it off, thankfully.

#3 [Smell] Harvey Prince - Hello

     "Get a glass half full disposition with this optimistic blend of juicy Meyer lemon, white grapefruit, and pink plumeria." 

"We started Harvey Prince in dedication to our mother, and we craft exceptional fragrances that empower women to feel young, happy, slim, and beautiful."
-  8.8 ml retails for $26 and 50 ml for $55

The sample packaging is super cute and the scent is so light and fresh. I also love that the tube has a spray applicator! I'm sure this will be one of my summer favorites. I can totally rationalize spending $26 for this fragrance. 

#4 [Touch] Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum

     "Wear this award-winning brand's silky SPF 30 serum under your makeup for a weightless UV shield."
-20ml retails for $20 or $42 for 1.6 oz

Saw from someone else's video that they were sent two packets of this. Wondering if I should send an email to Birchbox asking for another packet.

#5 [Taste] Tea Forté® minteas - Cocoa Mate

"Keep these refreshing, tea-infused mints on hand for quick pick-me-ups." 
"Fight fatigue with nature's natural energizers of uplifting Brazilian erba mate and rich, deep, chocolaty Columbian cocoa."
- 3 pack retails for $9.95

After filming the video I was able to try the mints. They are like mint chocolate! So delicious and there are a ton in the tin. I can't wait to use these. I am a bit tired at the moment, so I'm not sure how much they've helped "pick me up" but I'm sure I'll use them when I had a normal nights sleep and that 2:30 feeling comes along.

#6 [Hearing] Birchbox Exclusive - Neon Green/Pink Earbuds

"We designed these neon headphones just for you. Pair them with your best playlist."

The headphones are fairly comfortable. They drown out a lot of outside sound which is really nice. I absolutely love the neon green :D

Overall Verdict:

Totally in love with this box. I do with the supergoop! sample was a little larger, but I can't complain. I am glad that I got a full size eye liner, too. Can't wait to see what other people got!

What did you get in your Birchbox for July? If you don't already have a subscription and want to sign up please click my referral link here.

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  1. I got: amika obliphica nourishing mask (conditioning mask for hair), amika obliphica hair treatment (hair oil), boscia bb cream (yay I'm excited for this since it will be my first one), eyeko skinny eyeliner in black, the Harvey prince hello (I really like this one!) a lärabar and the super cute earbuds! I liked my box but I had to stop my subscription for a little while (I stopped myglam too) since money is getting tight :/

    1. Have you tried the masks and the BB cream yet? You should let me know how you like them. I'm excited for you! I love BB cream lol

      Yeah I do love the Harvey Prince scent as well. I'm thinking of getting some different scents of their site too. I heard good things about a few of them so far.

      I agree about the earbuds!

      Yeah I need to stop one of my subscriptions in September..I'll be sad..but I won't be able to work as much to pay them. Hopefully things get better soon

  2. From what I can tell I would love the Harvey Prince! Too bad I got the Oscar de la Renta :(. Glad to see you got a full-size liner too!

    1. Yes you would Tina. I've heard they have a great fragrance called "Coupling"

      This is how their site describes it and I want to see if it really has this effect on men!:

      "Stop Kissing Frogs. We’ve got your Prince.

      Engage the attention of the one you want to keep with the fragrance that keeps him coming back for more. Coupling’s enchanting notes of warm pumpkin, wild gardenia and fresh cucumber are playful and innocent and proven to arouse. Think "girl-next-door" meets "fiery temptress."

      Glamour magazine polled a panel of men to "sniff out" the types of fragrances that turned them on the most. The result-men loved the clean, fresh scents of gardenia, freesia and cucumber and sophisticated, spicy scents of patchouli, cinnamon, amber, and nutmeg the most. Coupling combines both. “She smells relaxed and confident--and that’s the kind of girl I want to settle down with.”"